Good Neighbor Program

Help support your school by linking your Tom Thumb reward card to Rasor PTA!  Simply link your reward card using the Rasor Good Neighbor Number.  Every time you shop at Tom Thumb using your reward card, Rasor gets a percent donation from Tom Thumb.  There is no additional cost to you!


Rasor Elementary PTA Good Neighbor Number: 8733


How to help:
1. Fill out the "Good Neighbor Program" form.  To dowload (CLICK HERE).
2. Take the form to the customer service desk at your local Tom Thumb store.
3. Tom Thumb will link Rasor PTA to your reward card.
4. You only have to link your reward card one time. After you are linked,
every time you shop at Tom Thumb and use your reward card, Rasor PTA benefits!


To learn more about the Good Neighbor Program (CLICK HERE).